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Saturday, March 13, 2010

SP 2010 Masterpage on Team Site

I have noticed a little change from SharePoint 2007 in SP2010 as I have been playing with the master pages. If you create a Team Site by default you can no longer change the masterpage from 'Site Settings' / 'Look and Feel'. You must first now enable the Site Collection feature:

"SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure"

and the Site Feature:

"SharePoint Server Publishing"

To do this go to 'Site Settings' under 'Site Actions':

If you are at the Site Collection Level click on "Site Collection Features" under "Site Collection Administration":
Click on 'Activate' next to 'SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure':

Back in 'Site Settings' go to 'Manage Site Features' under the 'Site Actions' section:

Click on 'Activate' next to the 'SharePoint Server Publishing' feature:

You can now change your master page in site settings under look and feel:


Anonymous said...

Have you run into the issue where you change the default master page, but nothing actually changes on the Team Site template?

Koobar said...

Hi Francois,

I can't say that I have experienced that particular issue.

Let me know if you figure out what the problem is.


christian.otto said...

Hi Francois,
have you already tried to set the "System Master Page" to your custom Master Page? This should affect the layout of your Team Site.

- Christian

Steve.O said...

I'll second Christian.otto in saying that most of the team site pages inherit from the system master page, so you'll more than likely need to switch the "System Master Page" to something other than "v4.master" to see any changes.

Brian said...

Thanks for sharing! I was wondering why the Master Page option was missing from the sites I upgraded from 2007.

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