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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Feb 'Uber' Cumulative Updates... Finally

Well I have been waiting to post this update for a while, however as you all know it was delayed (for us December cumulative updaters). As I am a big fan of infrastructure and cumulative updates I have been patiently waiting and I thought I would post this information for anyone who doesn't follow the SharePoint team blog.

I have downloaded and installed the 'Uber' update on my Hyper-V test machine and have run some quick tests and all is functioning well, which is good as opposed to the December cumulative update which had various issues upon release.

Again the infrastructure update is not required (as was the case with the December update) if you have not already installed it. WSS or MOSS needs to be Service Pack 1.

Information on the WSS 3.0 February Cumulative Update

Information on the MOSS 2007 February Cumulative Update

And also go here for the original Microsoft Team Blog Post:

Microsoft Team Blog February Cumulative Update