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Saturday, September 5, 2009

My first solo WCM

Well I have been meaning to post this for a while however have been tied down with moving house etc.

I recently (last month) completed my first solo MOSS 2007 web content management system. I have been involved in some other MOSS web based sites previously however this is the first one where I soloed the whole thing.

Due to some client budget restrictions I have not been able to complete some of the extra xslt for the news items which is unfortunate.

The system is running on Windows 2003 SP2 64bit in a hosted environment in Seattle. The speed is good and the client is happy with the results.

I created an InfoPath form system (yeah I know) for them to capture applications for positions on the site and have created multiple custom layout pages and content types for the client to easily add new advertisements and content.

There were some gotchas with anonymous InfoPath forms however I have managed to get around it, I will post up a blog on how I did it because from what I have seen on the web there was not much and would hopefully help someone else like me who is not ultra dev savvy.

The site is still yet to grow, however I am fairly happy with it's current stage, I quiet like my sexy little flash nav bar and the site is a massive improvement from their original website.