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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Virtualization… welcome to the 21st century

I would like to start this blog post by quoting the great weird Al Yankovich:

“While your computers crashing,
Mines Multitasking,
it does all my work… without even asking,
I got a flat screen monitor 40 inches wide,
I believe yours says ‘etch-e-sketch’ on the side.”

I could go on but I think you get the point. Well I hijacked my gorgeous wife’s machine which was running my old e6300 dual core (my ex overclocked cpu) (thanks babe!) whacked in a new mobo and 8gb of ram and thought it would be a sweet idea to Install Server 2008 and build a virtual network! Yay!

After configuring and clicking around for a fair bit I eventually got everything working hunky dorrily (big up to my main man with the hyper v plan flo rida). I decided to go with this current setup:

Server 03 R2 SP2 - Domain Controller, DNS
Server 03 R2 SP2 - SQL Server 2005
Server 03 R2 SP2 - SharePoint Server 2007
Server 03 R2 SP2 - Performance Point Server 2007
Server 03 R2 SP2 - Project Server 2007
Server 03 R2 SP2 - ISA Server (still a bit iffy about this one)
Server 08 - Exchange 07 and Office Communications server.
Well I got a lot of configuring ahead of me and so far the machines are all bare and ready to be pounced apon.

wish me luck.


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