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Friday, June 12, 2009

Well I'm Convinced

I have been using it now for just over two weeks and I love it. It's something fresh and although the relevance on certain keywords are not the same, I have adapted my keyword choices to suit. Bing is definitely worth giving a shot.

Since my ninemsn page is my homepage i just use it from there. I used to type a lot of 'questions' in google, however I find in Bing instead of typing 'what is the capital of France' I would just type 'France Capital' and get better relevance. Obviously in this extremely generalised example it wouldn't make too much of a difference, but hopefully you get the idea.

Go ahead and bing away! Fantastic integration with your live account also.

Im predicting we will see some hot integretion with version next of SharePoint! exciting stuff.

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